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Founded in 2011, study abroad agency Brighter Horizon International specializes in assisting international students from Japan by finding them the right schools for their needs through out west coast area in the United States and placing them with comfortable place to stay in an American home. We work with students directly, but also with other agencies and universities in Japan as well.

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With many partner connections in the community, we provide homestay placements for those individual that would like to be more independent, share cultural differences, and do not want to be immersed in a dorm or apartment environment. We work with local families to provide a secure and loving environment in the state of California, central to schools and transportation.
Our goal as a homestay organizer is to immerse them in a home environment where English is spoken consistently, helping build confidence, providing a safe, stable, nurturing, and friendly environment that builds long-term personal relationships and long-lasting memories!

Company Name Brighter Horizon International
Established June 2011
Representative Yusuke Irie
Number of staff 5
Contracted schools over 30 across west coast region of United States

Brighter Horizon International

21171 S. Western Ave. Suite 2703
Torrance, CA 90501

Toll Free Number: 888-985-2072
Office Main: 424-271-9908
Tax: 424-271-9938

Operation hours: 10:00 - 18:00 M-F